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Welcome to Kaytee Corporation Pvt Ltd

Kaytee Corporation Pvt Ltd is one of the pioneers and amongst the largest garment companies in India. It pioneered T-shirts exports out of India. It was one of the first company to have started exports in a substantial way from Tirupur. Our goal is to be a world class supplier conforming to the highest standards of customer satisfaction. Team Kaytee is dedicated to meet all the needs of our buyers by ensuring great quality,timely delivery and good prices. All produced in our state of the art vertical facility. At Kaytee we believe in relationships. No wonder that most of our clients have been with us for decades.

Originally the company started in 1944 with trading in raw cotton. Over a period of time the company diversified into trading in textiles, yarns, spinning and finally garmenting. The company has been actively engaged in the manufacturing of garments since 1974. Today it has the distinction of being one of the top exporters of knitted garments out of India. It also has had the distinction of winning more than 60 top exports awards.The company operations are situated at Tirupur ( South Asia ). The company is completely vertical, from knitting all way upto final garmenting. The factories are rated and comply with all COC requirements, for discerning buyers such as Wall mart, Macy's, Saks, Walt Disney etc.

The company is managed by professionals under the guidance and leadership of Mr. Premal Udani. Mr.Udani is an extremely well known personality in the field of textiles and garments. His views are very eagerly sought by the government and various trade bodies on matters relating to textiles and clothing. He has held and continues to hold important positions in various apparel trade bodies. The company is run by over 20 professional managers. Each of whom is a leader in his field of activity. Collectively the company has some of the finest talents in the apparel industry. We are one of the few company's, which manufactures bio garments, conforming to the highest standards of the industry.